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The American Hoof Association champions hoof health and comfort for all domestic equines.  Through education, peer-review, and support, we strive to unify equine professionals and promote awareness of the healthy lifestyle paradigm as the basis for improved hoof quality among horses.


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The American Hoof Association is an organization of peer-reviewed hoof care professionals offering progressive, preventative and rehabilitative services, education and information.


As a service to horse owners, the American Hoof Association provides a list of peer-reviewed professional trimmers under the section, Trimmer Finder.  Each of these trimmers has passed the AHA’s rigorous review process.  Applicants are evaluated on their understanding and practice of the AHA’s ‘healthy lifestyle’ paradigm, that is, a healthy hoof results from a healthy horse.

Certified Trimmers possess the qualifications necessary to adequately address preventative and rehabilitative needs of domestic equines.  Certified Trimmers are available as clinicians; these experienced trimmers find education to be as important in their practice as is their work at the hoof. Apprentice Trimmers are skilled trimmers who are competent to perform an appropriate trim on a variety of healthy and pathological hooves. 

Apprentice trimmers have the potential, but lack the experience needed to qualify as a Certified Trimmer.  They are encouraged to continue their education with the goal of becoming Certified Trimmers.

Professional trimmers who desire membership in the American Hoof Association are encouraged to apply.  The application process for both Certified Trimmers and Apprentice Trimmers is more completely described under Membership.

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Horse of the Month

PS Silva Sharif


OWNER: Carola MacCallum
LOCATION: Scotland
TRIMMER: Dawn Saunders


It's important to recognise that even young horses can have a cushings diagnosis - please read the following bio and don't hesitate to contact your vet and request a blood test if you have any concerns about your horse.

I bought PS Silva Sharif (Silva Dollar x Imperial Silk) 'KazzieWazzie' to his friends, a backed 5 y.o. grey arab gelding in 2011 from a reputable breeder as my next endurance prospect. He passed a five stage vetting but as I took him home and started to work him it became apparent that he just wasn't thriving, he didn't put any weight on, he was lethargic and unenthusiastic in his work and he seemed uncomfortable after excercise. Despite my good care he always had something wrong with him, hoof abcesses, wounds that would not heal, mild colic and terrible feet. So for 18 months I had my vet and various professionals out to look at him: equine physios, chiropractors, bodyworkers and dentists but noone could tell me what was wrong with him. I finally took him to the vet clinic for an excercise tolerance test where three vets looked at him but we were still none the wiser except that they kept saying 'well if he was 20 I'd check him for PPID (Cushing's) but we don't test young horses for that' so eventually I put my foot down and asked them to run the test anyway and sure enough his ACTH levels were suspiciously high and after further test the PPID diagnosis was confirmed. He was the youngest horse my vet clinic had ever diagnosed. A shock not just for them but esp for me! Here I had a lovely 5 y.o. youngster with a chronic degenerative illness. I have no idea what caused it so I am going with 'bad luck'. Luckily there is medication (dopamine agonists) that can control the condition and hopefully improve some of the symptoms. So one year down the line and a lot of money, TLC and a super strict management and hoof care regime later he looks a good bit better and I have started to gently hack him round the local lanes. I have accepted that he will not be my next endurance horse but he is such a great character and such a loving horse that I just don't want to give up on him. His achievements are not in sports but in how much I have learned through him. While I sometimes mourn his potential I have not for one moment ever regretted him coming into my life. Oh and did I mention that he is absolutely gorgeous?