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The American Hoof Association champions hoof health and comfort for all domestic equines.  Through education, peer-review, and support, we strive to unify equine professionals and promote awareness of the healthy lifestyle paradigm as the basis for improved hoof quality among horses.


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The American Hoof Association is an organization of peer-reviewed hoof care professionals offering progressive, preventative and rehabilitative services, education and information.

As a service to horse owners, the American Hoof Association provides a list of peer-reviewed professional trimmers under the section, Trimmer Finder.  Each of these trimmers has passed the AHA’s rigorous review process.  Applicants are evaluated on their understanding and practice of the AHA’s ‘healthy lifestyle’ paradigm, that is, a healthy hoof results from a healthy horse.

Certified Trimmers possess the qualifications necessary to adequately address preventative and rehabilitative needs of domestic equines.  Certified Trimmers are available as clinicians; these experienced trimmers find education to be as important in their practice as is their work at the hoof. Apprentice Trimmers are skilled trimmers who are competent to perform an appropriate trim on a variety of healthy and pathological hooves. 

Apprentice trimmers have the potential, but lack the experience needed to qualify as a Certified Trimmer.  They are encouraged to continue their education with the goal of becoming Certified Trimmers.

Professional trimmers who desire membership in the American Hoof Association are encouraged to apply.  The application process for both Certified Trimmers and Apprentice Trimmers is more completely described under Membership.

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Announcing AHA Sponsored Webinar featuring

Ann Marie-Hancock
Dr. Anne-Marie Hancock DVM, EDO.
The Relationship Between Posture and Conformation

When: April 26, 2015, 3:00pm EDT
Where: Go To Meeting -Info to be emailed to participants prior to Webinar
Cost: Free to AHA members and $25.00 for all non AHA members
Contact: Ruthie at anvildevil@yahoo.com to sign up.

Event Info: PDF

This will prove to be an amazing learning experience for equine professionals and owners alike so sign up soon, space is limited.

Ann-Marie Hancock was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, where she was active in Pony Club and competed in lower level three day eventing horse trials. Ann-Marie completed her studies at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, graduating with a BS in Equine Science, an MS in Anatomy and Neurobiology and a DVM in 2003.

Following veterinary school, she moved to Greenville, North Carolina and practiced at a general equine practice for ten years. She developed an interest in integrative therapies during that time, finishing the IVAS Acupuncture course in 2007 and then taking the Equine Osteopathy Course at the Vluggen Institute in San Marcos, Texas. She finished her certification and is registered as an Equine Osteopath, EDO.

Ann-Marie is currently practicing at Rectortown Equine Clinic in Rectortown, Virginia, in the heart of horse country, with Dr. Jeannie Waldron. Her goal is to use integrative veterinary medicine (and osteopathy) to treat the whole horse and rider combination, by looking at as many different ways to influence the movement and performance of the horse as possible.